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FORUM on Brain Health and Neurorestoration

Focusing on Brain Health and Neurorestoration with a perspective towards the forthcoming Horizon 2020 calls, CIBER-BBN, the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, the Universidad Miguel Hernandez and the Guttmann Institute, are organizing this International Forum on the 10th of September of 2014 at Casa de Convalescencia of the Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona.

  • The Forum is aiming to promote the setting up of international consortiums that will work together for the preparation and successful submission of projects proposals to European calls in any of the following topics:
  • Prior to the Forum, researchers and other stakeholders interested in participating are invited to send a short Expression of Interest (EoI) on their project idea. The EoIs will be grouped according to the topic addressed and working groups on Project Ideas (PI) will be formed on the basis of the EoIs submitted.
  • During the morning, a short introduction to the Forum and to the activities of all participants will be given. A representative of the EU Commission will present key aspects of certain competitive calls of the H2020 program as well as his/her advice on related important issues to be taken into account. Finally, before lunch, national and international PI proposers will give keynote presentations (speakers┬┤ names are due to be announced after the identification of the PIs). In the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to start direct discussions on the specific PIs by taking part in panels that will be convened in independent meeting rooms.
  • Important dates:
  • Deadline for submission of EoIs: 15 of July 2014
  • Registration deadline (free of charge): 1 of September 2014
  • Date of Forum: 10 September 2014
  • First H2020 calls in interest: 14 October 2014
  • Brain health
  • Neurorestoration
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Non-invasive monitoring of human activity
  • Robotics in neurorehabilitation
  • Personal autonomy and bioengineering

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