Thursday, 03 July 2014 07:20

RGD gifted PDLLA-PRGD conduits promotes the sciatic nerve regeneration

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  • Schwann cells play a key role in peripheral nerve growth and regeneration. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of RGD peptides on Schwann cell behavior, and to identify the effects of the modified PDLLA films with RGD in vivo. The results revealed that RGD coating with the concentration of 100–500 ug/mL promoted the cell proliferation and boosted the cell migration. Molecularly, RGD coating also enhanced the expression of the proliferation related genes (c-fos and c-jun) and the cell behavior related genes (actin, tublin, tau and MAP1) at first stages of the seeding, which is similar to the effects from laminin coating. In vivo, RGD addition improved the recovery efficiency of the transected nerve in regard of the more survived Schwann cells in vivo and the formation of more mature myelin sheath. Taken together, RGD peptides are good candidates to enhance the biocompatibility of the biomaterials and facilitate the peripheral nerve regeneration by prompting responses in Schwann cells.

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