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Tissue Engineered Guided Regenerative Gel (GRG) for Recovery of Peripheral Nerve with Massive Loss Defect

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Objective: Guiding Regeneration Gel (GRG) was developed in response to the clinical need of improving treatment for peripheral nerve injuries and help patients regenerate massive regional losses in peripheral nerves. The efficacy of GRG based on tissueengineering technology for the treatment of complete peripheral nerve injury with significant loss defect was investigated.
Background: Many severe peripheral nerve injuries can only be treated through surgical reconstructive procedures. Such procedures are challenging, since functional recovery is slow and can be unsatisfactory. One of most promising solutions already in clinical practice is synthetic nerve conduits connecting the ends of damaged nerve supporting nerve regeneration. However, this solution still does not enable recovery of massive nerve loss defect. The proposed technology is a biocompatible and biodegradable gel enhancing axonal growth and nerve regeneration. It is composed of a complex of substances comprising transparent, highly viscous gel resembles the extracellular matrix that is almost impermeable to liquids and gasses, flexible, elastic, malleable and adaptable to various shapes and formats. Pre-clinical study on rat model of peripheral nerve injury showed that GRG enhanced nerve regeneration when placed in nerve conduits, enabling recovery of massive nerve loss, previously unbridgeable and enabled nerve regeneration at least  as good as with autologous nerve graft ‘gold standard’ treatment.

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