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In 2013 CIC microGUNE led four European microtechnology projects

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Last year the Basque cooperative centre for research into microtechnologies, CIC microGUNE, took part in 15 European projects which involved a total budget of 64.5 million euros. Moreover, the centre has led four European microtechnology projects: NEURIMP, HINMICO, ANGELAB and LABONFOIL. Apart from the last one, terminated in 2013, all are currently active.

The NEURIMP project, for example, aims to develop new biomaterials which, in combination with micro-nano-fabrication technologies, enable producing prostheses that help in the repair of peripheral nerves in medullary lesions. The HINMICO initiative aims to develop and integrate diverse microtechnologies focused on achieving large-scale production of chain polymers for multi-material and multifunctional micro-components.

The other two projects led by microGUNE involve human health. The goal of ANGELAB is to develop a family of products capable of undertaking the genetic analysis of the foetus using a sample of maternal blood. The LABONFOIL project, concluded in 2013, developed four devices for rapid and low-cost diagnosis with different uses such as the monitoring of colorectal cancer or identifying pathogens in food.Over the coming years the perspectives for growth of the microsystems are in the order of 9% in sectors related to mobility, and 20% in sectors involving life sciences (human, animal and environmental health).

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